I bought MT5+ cylinder for Yale Real Living Deadbolt, I just installed it per instructions however the key needs to sometimes be turned twice and other times once to open the deadbolt. It's like it doesn't catch something the first time and you can turn it, but it doesn't do anything. Sometimes you turn the cylinder back to the position when you normally take the key out, but it closes the latch and locks the lock. Can anything be done to fix, or do I have a defective unit? Thanks
Hello. I just had two Mul-T-Lock cylinders installed.
I have 2 installer keys and 3 other keys. The installer told to use one of the "other" keys to activated them and disable the installer's keys. But when turning the permanent keys they are hard to turn...and I do not want to force it. Can you please adv what could the problems (I am still using the installer's keys to open and close the locks).
I have the double cylinder lock and I can not get the little key out on the deadbolt. Any recommendations on what to do. It used to come out if you insert the key on top twist so the actual key will not come out so you can get the deadbolt key out but it doesn't move at all
I have an old Schlage H153 4" interconnected lockset with Mul T Lock cylinders. The lockset is worn out and we will be replacing with a new Schlage S251. How easy is it to swap the cylinders? I've installed countless normal locksets and several Trilogy locksets but I've never swapped cylinders.
The cylinder for my MultiLock Junior is a bit loose - when I try to pull my key out, the cylinder pulls outward slightly too and the key gets stuck. Is there a simple way to tighten the cylinder? Thanks.
Another post asking how can I remove a double cylinder dead bolt

ANSWER: The same way as single one. Please check "How to uninstall MUL-T-LOCK Hercular Deadbolt" tutorial.
how can i stop anyone from getting a duplicate of my key or have a key made
Changing the cylinder to my mul-t-lock, Single Cylinder Jimmy Proof Deadlock, I've removed it from the door, changed cylinder but now I cant seem to get that little hole in the back to open? What's the secret?
I need install a protection plate in my door for mandate of the condominium council. It is possible have a tutorial to uninstall a Mul -T -lock Hercular double cylinder?

How can I remove a double cylinder dead bolt
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