MUL-T-LOCK MT5® Platform

Mul-T-Lock’s MT5, the 5th generation patented state-of-the-art High Security cylinder platform, with built-in experience of 3 decades, features an advanced security concept that combines several powerful elements: the patented Alpha Spring located at the tip of the key, a magnetic key duplication card, and a dedicated computerized key-cutting machine - the KC5.

All combined, these features enable millions of possible combinations, extensive master-keying capabilities, keyway exclusivity for dealers, and automatic cutting of large key series.

The MT5’s breakthrough features include:

  • Patented security: the innovative Alpha Spring at the tip of the MT5 key - with a patent that expires only in 2025, engages a unique pin at the rear of the locking mechanism, to create an additional shear line.
  • KC5 - a dedicated key cutting machine: the MT5 platform is supported by the super-smart newly developed KC5 electronic key cutting machine, that duplicates MT5 keys and automatically cuts large series of keys by interfacing with MASTERpiece software.
  • Advanced key control: MT5 keys are provided with a coded magnetic duplication card - which can be read by the dedicated KC5 key cutting machine.
  • A new configuration of Mul-T-Lock’s unique telescopic pin technology, with 5 telescopic pins that fit special cuts on the MT5 key.
  • A huge number of possible locking combinations, thanks to the double locking mechanism of telescopic pins and patented Alpha Spring.
  • Compliance with the toughest international standards: European EN1303, SKG (Netherlands), Israeli standard, etc.


Mul-T-Lock High Security is even further enhanced by MT5+, an advanced version of the MT5 platform, featuring:

  • An additional locking bar mechanism.
  • An even greater number of possible combinations, enabled by the MT5+’s three different locking mechanisms.
  • A special milled pattern on the patented key, which fits the locking bar.
  • Exclusive keyway options based on the milled pattern.
  • Extensive master keying capabilities, supporting very large and complex master key systems that incorporate hierarchy and matrix design requirements even within the same suite.


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