MUL-T-LOCK Junior™

MUL-T-LOCK Junior™ Card MUL-T-LOCK Junior™ Key

Want a budget solution with a MUL-T-LOCK design

There’s no need to compromise

BEWARE of the many cheap imitation MUL-T-LOCK products in the marketplace. These low quality imitations do not meet MUL-T-LOCK standards.

You don’t need to compromise your brand expectations to get what you’re looking for. MUL-T-LOCK offers a low cost solution which is specifically designed to provide standard security while utilizing MUL-T-LOCK’s technology and manufacturing expertise. The solution, Junior™ by MUL-T-LOCK, offers a comparably-priced, cost-effective product that is superior in design and quality to imitation brands and is supported by a much wider dealer network (more than 3000 locations across the country).

Compare Junior™ to the competition; the benefits of choosing MUL-T-LOCK are clear:




MUL-T-LOCK Junior™ Card


No Name Brand

MUL-T-LOCK High Quality

Overall Quality



Quantity of Keys w/ Each Cylinder




The Scam:

Many claim their products are High Security…
FALSE! No high security elements are implemented these cylinders.

Many claim that a card is required to make key copies...
FALSE! These keys are not patented and do not protect against unauthorized key duplication.

Many claim their product "Meets ANSI specifications"...
FALSE! No tests were passed to confirm this statement.

The Truth:

Although MUL-T-LOCK Junior™ is a higher quality product which provides better security then the imitation mentioned above, the simple truth is that none of these solutions are technically “high security”.  They offer standard security without patented key control.

The difference is MUL-T-LOCK is a worldwide industry leader, well-recognized and highly regarded brand name that does in fact manufacture many high security product platforms such as the MT5®+ and Interactive®+ patented high security lines, while these imitation, no-name brands offer no such options and instead rely on selling deceptive “look-alike” products that are positioned as high security when in truth they are not.

MUL-T-LOCK encourages consumers to choose a high security platform but understands that there are times when some may choose to forgo high security in favor of a more budget friendly solution. MUL-T-LOCK introduced Junior™ as a way to serve those customers as well because as the name implies, the Junior™ product offers a scaled down version of MUL-T-LOCK technology at a lesser cost.  The decision to reduce product research and development, design and inventory costs by offering a simplified model in limited finishes and designs is what has allowed MUL-T-LOCK to offer Junior™ at such a competitive price.  Therefore you will find that Junior™ products are currently offered in bright brass & satin chrome finishes.

The Right Price:

Once again, please remember that Junior™ is a budget line added to MUL-T-LOCK’s offering for those who cannot afford full featured MUL-T-LOCK products but still want their premises secured by trusted brand name.  You should not be paying “High Security” prices for Junior™ products.

The prices below should help to give you a better estimate of fair pricing for the Junior™ line.   Junior™ products are not recommended for commercial use or for any application where physical high security and/or key control are required.  It is best suited to small residential applications needing a basic level of security.  Please consider other MUL-T-LOCK lines such as MT5®+ or Interactive®+ for other residential, commercial, industrial and/or high traffic area needs.