MUL-T-LOCK MTL800 #8 C-Series Padlock (5/16" Shackle)


Different: Each lock has its own unique key.

Alike: Multiple locks can be opened with the same key.

Note: Multi-cylinder lock have a single key for all cylinders, regardless of keying.

Extra keys per product.

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MUL-T-LOCK C8 Padlock Dimensions
AShackle (diameter)85/16
BShackle (horizontal opening)227/8
C1Shackle #1 (vertical opening)227/8
C2Shackle #2 (vertical opening)502
C3Shackle #3 (vertical opening)1024
DBody (width)502
EBody (height)471 7/8
FBody (thickness)227/8
* All sizes have been rounded to the nearest millimeter and 1/16 of an inch.

The C-Series Line of MUL-T-LOCK Padlocks is designed to offer Patented High Security Key Control and Strong Physical Protection to Padlock Security. All C-Series Padlocks are made with a hardened steel body shell, and a hardened steel shackle. They are available with or without a Shackle Guard for extra protection, and are also available with a pop open shackle or completely removable shackle. Varying in different shackle diameters and clearances the C-Series Line will accommodate any padlock requirement.


  • High security padlock, for general use with Mul-T-Lock® hasps or shackle protectors.


  • Unlocking with 55˚-65˚ key rotation.


  • Pop open with retaining key (key needed for closing).
  • Variety of shackle clearances.


  • Shell: Hardened Steel.
  • Core: Black Plated Solid Brass.
  • Shackle: Hardened Boron Alloy Steel.

Additional Features

  • Protective shutter to prevent dust contamination.
  • Drainage holes to prevent freezing.

Cylinder Mechanism

  • Mul-T-Lock® unique high precision 10 telescopic pin tumbler system.
  • UL437 High security drill, pick and bump resistant cylinder


  • Reversible Nickel Silver key with plastic key head and coloured insert for identification.

Key Security

  • Orders for keys marked “do not duplicate” should only be made upon presentation of a key card.

Cylinder Options

  • Keyed different
  • Keyed alike
  • Master keyed.


  • ISI, applicable to "CEN".


  • KNAACK Jobmaster® Chests (Shackle clearance: 7/8",Key retaining: No)
#1 (7/8" vertical clearance)
MTL800 (MT5+)
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